Environmental Policy

Otokar has an integrated approach toward protection of the environment. Monitoring and managing its direct impacts on the environment through an environmental management system, Otokar takes strategic initiatives to enhance environmental friendly qualities of its products.


Undertakes the duty to enhance the environmental awareness of the people, companies and organizations with whom and with which it interacts directly or indirectly in the course of creation and presentation of products and to fulfill its environmental responsibilities toward the local and regional neighbors;

In line with this policy, Otokar

- M​onitors the publications dealing with the environment and complies with the applicable laws and regulations
- Minimizes and keeps the environmental pollution under control through the Environmental Management System
- Supports all employees and subsidiary industries in their efforts to be sensitive toward the environment
- Communicates its environmental objectives and targets to the public, the subsidiary industries and the concerned organizations
- Directs its environmental activities in a manner to support the other constituents of the policy
- Commits to improve the environmental performance continuously