Tourism range

A range designed to
meet tourism transport needs

Otokar significantly contributes to the efficiency and safety of its vehicles thanks to buses that incorporate the technical, economic and regulatory requirements vital to tourism transport from the design stage onwards. Now more than ever, tourism transport by Otokar coach is seen as the ideal alternative.  More than 32,000 Otokar coaches and buses are currently in service around the world.

Our tourism vehicles are known for the comfort they provide to both driver and passengers. Our range of 7- to 10-metre versions meets a variety of requirements for passenger transport by coach or bus, even on the steepest routes. The excellent manoeuvrability of the Midibus, combined with compact dimensions ideal for small groups, means that our vehicles are suited to all types of journey. The Otokar range of passenger buses and coaches features a comprehensive range of equipment and options to ensure passengers are transported safely and in complete comfort. The latest addition to the Otokar range is the Ulyso T, whose state-of-the-art design offers superior comfort for driver and passengers alike.